Top 5 Places to Write at SUNY Purchase

By Vee Weeks

Stephen King wrote his famous book, The Shining, while spending a night at Stanley Hotel, supposedly haunted and located in Estes, Colorado. J.K. Rowling composed some of the Harry Potter books at the Elephant House, a café in Edinburgh, Scotland with a view of Edinburgh Castle. But not everyone has the money to travel the United States as extensively as Stephen King did in the 1970s and 80s, and the “cafes” in this country feel more like a noisy Starbucks than a writer-friendly place.

If you’re a Purchase student who’s looking to write, you know this struggle all too well. Too broke to travel further than White Plains and without easy access to cafes, you’re stuck writing on campus. Your dorm room and the library might seem like obvious writing spots, but you’ve no doubt learned by now that roommates, lack of available computers, and the general noise of people working in a public space make those options dreadful. If you have the above problems, you’ll benefit from reading this article. Whether you write creative pieces or you just need a relaxing place to complete a paper, take two minutes of your life to read about five great writing spots on campus you probably didn’t know about.

  1. That Area in the Main Gym Entrance After You Go Down the StairsPicture1

With various types of seating, this area of relative silence makes it an ideal writing spot. The huge, glass windows at the gym entrance let in rich amounts of sunlight, perfect for making you feel more positive and productive.

  1. Couches in the Visual Arts Building Basementcouches purchase

The VA basement is mostly a long hallway with a couple of water fountains, but there are couches at the very end, next to Room 0005. With soft seats and the silence of an abandoned hallway, this is a great writing spot if you seek a relaxing experience. Plus, looking at all that art on your way downstairs could be inspirational.

  1. Commuter Lounge (after 6 pm.)


Those of you who live on campus probably never give the Commuter Lounge a second glance. Even if you have, you probably walk past it during the day and can’t imagine getting any writing done with all that noise and are they fighting with chairs in there? While watching chair fights is always a good time, the Lounge doubles as a writing space, becoming a ghost town after the commuters go home. As you can see, the Lounge has two rooms. So even if the main room is noisy, you can find solitude in the back room. With an abundance of seats and the Hub a short distance away, the creative juices will flow in no time.

  1. Tables in the Woods between the Neu and the Dance Building


If you’re an outdoors writer, you’ll find yourself at home in this spot. Walk down the pathway between the Dance and Music Buildings in the direction of the Neu and you should see woods to your left with two tables sitting there. Well-hidden and surrounded by nature, this spot gives you an opportunity to thrive on scenic views, especially now that it’s fall

  1.  Third Floor of Student Services


The noisy first and second floors might discourage you from trying the third, but I assure you it’s deserted up there. This is the absolute best spot, combining a quiet atmosphere with comfortable seats and a scenic view of the campus’s main plaza. Watching all those people is bound to provide inspiration for characters. Each chair even comes with a wooden “table” that’s the perfect laptop size!

Hope this information was helpful. Now go out and decide which spot is best for you. Happy writing!

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