Italics Mine Goes Annual!


As the end of the semester approaches, some of our readers may be asking “When is the next Italics Mine issue coming out?”

This post is to officially announce that Italics Mine is going from a bi-annual magazine to an annual one, published in the spring. Why? The Editing and Production class (your lovely IM staff) has been expanded to two semesters, giving writers and artists more time to submit, and us more time to craft your favorite literary magazine! Since the same staff will be on for the full year, it just made more sense to produce one content-rich issue, as opposed to two smaller ones.

“But how will I survive these coming cold months without a new issue of Italics Mine to curl up by the fireplace with??”

Well, if your hungry for some Italics Mine content, and can’t wait until spring, we recommend you browse through our articles (written by the IM editorial staff) or follow us on Tumblr for writing tips, news updates and more. And remember to keep submitting your work, up until March 7th! (guidelines here)

See you in the spring!