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Issue 17 & 18

toast | Sarah Couture

“But suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a stagehand walk onto stage carrying a drumstick, which I assumed was one of Mike Kennedy’s (drummer of “The Wonder Years”). It had to be his. Every other drummer thus far kept their sticks. I waved in his direction and shouted “Yo!” He saw me, nodded, and tossed the drumstick in my direction. As it flew through the air, the adrenaline kicked in and I reached out to snatch it.”

“The Drumstick Incident” by Jordan Meiland
right into the wrong | Rachel Bevacqua

For me, I was more than lucky that for many years all I remember about Santa Fe was how big the house was, how great the food was, and how much fun it was to go into that giant room where my brother and I stayed, with a quadruple bunk bed carved into the wall.

“Penrose” by Skylar Jennings
In the box | Xinyung Wang
La Residenza | Eden Russo

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Issue 17 & 18

  • Skylar Jennings
  • Sonya Rio-Glick
  • Cerissa DiValentino
  • Jordan Meiland
  • Edison Caughey
  • Kristen Manchenton
  • Michael Schmitt

Issue 16

  • Leandra Bombace
  • Shanille Martin
  • Gio Martin
  • Joshua Gage
  • Yancy Garcia
  • Finola McDonald
  • Madison Svercel
  • Vee Weeks
  • Imani Parker
  • Jordan Meiland
  • Winnie Richards
  • Liv Rouse
  • Patrick Preziosi
  • Justin Blatt

Issue 15

  • Lydia Everett
  • Joanna Valente
  • Shannon Magrane
  • Michelle Blanyar
  • Chelsea Muscat
  • Yvelyn Freycinet
  • Rain Haluska
  • Destiny Carattini
  • Andrea Ross

Issue 14

  • Chris Stewart
  • Nolan Crowley
  • Gillian Lynn Katz
  • Ethan Gresko
  • Jalen Garcia-Hall
  • Shannon Magrane
  • Bridget Dease
  • Destiny Carattini
  • Khalif Thompson
  • Whisper Blanchard

Issue 13.2

  • Shana Blatt
  • Ansel Shipley
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Kate Brown
  • Jamison Murcott
  • Gabrielle Bernstein

Issue 13.1

  • Megan Byron
  • Erik Goetz
  • Zack Brida
  • Bridget Dease
  • Jiaming Tang
  • Lydia Davis
  • Loisa Fenichell

Issue 12.2

  • Margaret Levin
  • Kevin Domanski
  • Terence Brosnan
  • Jake Lam
  • Nick Hooshmand

Issue 12.1

  • Whisper Blanchard
  • Alana BraschWitz
  • KT McManus

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