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by Noah Rigby

Do You Have a Light?

by Eli Altzman

Pond Creatures

by Therese Biazon

Issue 17

“Then it’s me and it staring at each other for one slow-mo millisecond. Huge brown eyes, pink at the edges with animal fear that are either so fucking brain dead dumb or infinitely cognizant like each eye is a brown pink planetoid older than the Earth. Then it stops struggling.”

“Caring For Animals” by Ben Roffman
lost in the world | Chelsea Muscat

“Back in India, back in a flashback, back in an alternate setting, your mother’s feet are wet in the monsoon rain. A chunni covers her hair. The cloth end is held between her teeth to prevent it from falling. Her hair is drenched so it does not make a difference if it falls. She should let it fall.”

“Find Your (My) Mother” by Ravneet Sandhu
birdsgiving | Gio Martin

Past Contributors

Issue 17

  • Katie Lamar
  • Ben Roffman
  • Grace Mahony
  • Raveneet Sadhu

Issue 16

  • Leandra Bombace
  • Emma Griffiths
  • Lassiter Jamison
  • Winnie Richards
  • Janelle McNeil

Issue 15

  • Anne Panatello
  • Ajani Bazile-Dutes
  • Anne Penatello
  • Winnie Richards
  • Sam Bell
  • Jaela Vaugh
  • Janelle McNeil
  • Jamison Murcott

Issue 14

  • Nolan Crowley
  • Ben Verde
  • Leondra Bombace
  • Jalen Garcia-Hall
  • Jamison Murcott

Issue 13.2

  • Bridget Dease
  • Eric Goetz
  • Kyle Noguera
  • Michelle Blanyar
  • Olivia Behan
  • Jiaming Tang
  • Lauren D’Errico

Issue 13.1

  • Jake Lam
  • Megan Byron
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Jiaming Tang
  • Bridget Dease

Issue 12.2

  • Bridget Dease
  • Thomas Luke
  • Gerald I. Deis
  • Molly McNally
  • Sage Musk
  • Dylan Harrison
  • Nic Inglese
  • Billy Manton

Issue 12.1

  • Joseph Krzyzewski
  • Lukas Jennings
  • Gerald I. Deis
  • Cassie Valencia
  • Nic Inglese

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