We the Fiction board invite stories that experiment with prose, power, and purpose. Make us weep, make us cackle, make us shiver. Place us in new perspectives that move us to worlds not yet seen and change the way we look at our own. 

Featured Work


by Noah Rigby

Do You Have a Light?

by Eli Altzman

Pond Creatures

by Therese Biazon

Issue 17 & 18

“Then it’s me and it staring at each other for one slow-mo millisecond. Huge brown eyes, pink at the edges with animal fear that are either so fucking brain dead dumb or infinitely cognizant like each eye is a brown pink planetoid older than the Earth. Then it stops struggling.”

“Caring For Animals” by Ben Roffman
lost in the world | Chelsea Muscat

“Back in India, back in a flashback, back in an alternate setting, your mother’s feet are wet in the monsoon rain. A chunni covers her hair. The cloth end is held between her teeth to prevent it from falling. Her hair is drenched so it does not make a difference if it falls. She should let it fall.”

“Find Your (My) Mother” by Ravneet Sandhu
birdsgiving | Gio Martin

Past Contributors

Issue 17 & 18

  • Katie Lamar
  • Ben Roffman
  • Grace Mahony
  • Raveneet Sadhu

Issue 16

  • Leandra Bombace
  • Emma Griffiths
  • Lassiter Jamison
  • Winnie Richards
  • Janelle McNeil

Issue 15

  • Anne Panatello
  • Ajani Bazile-Dutes
  • Anne Penatello
  • Winnie Richards
  • Sam Bell
  • Jaela Vaugh
  • Janelle McNeil
  • Jamison Murcott

Issue 14

  • Nolan Crowley
  • Ben Verde
  • Leondra Bombace
  • Jalen Garcia-Hall
  • Jamison Murcott

Issue 13.2

  • Bridget Dease
  • Eric Goetz
  • Kyle Noguera
  • Michelle Blanyar
  • Olivia Behan
  • Jiaming Tang
  • Lauren D’Errico

Issue 13.1

  • Jake Lam
  • Megan Byron
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Jiaming Tang
  • Bridget Dease

Issue 12.2

  • Bridget Dease
  • Thomas Luke
  • Gerald I. Deis
  • Molly McNally
  • Sage Musk
  • Dylan Harrison
  • Nic Inglese
  • Billy Manton

Issue 12.1

  • Joseph Krzyzewski
  • Lukas Jennings
  • Gerald I. Deis
  • Cassie Valencia
  • Nic Inglese

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