We invite poems that breathe, poems that whisper. We invite poems that caper and poems that sit still. Let your poem seize a moment or pucker around a turn. Write out your desires, devotions, and tranquilities, and take risks! A poem is a difficult thing to define— dwell in its challenge, and bring us what you find. Write curiously. We seek your definition and look wholeheartedly forward to your submission.

Featured Work

Peach Man

by Alyssa Monte

Somos Algo

by James Skehan

Issue 17

“It was / this mind fastening to another in an attempt / to overwrite its history. It was / a world I’d never / birth, please don’t / mention it. It / was how the midnight / put itself inside you and said work.”

“Gespenster” by Mathilda Cullen
letters | Yuko Kyutoku

“Was the night by the incandescent porch light worth the burns on my cheek? / Or the spider bite on my neck? A bite that could poison me; could kill me.”

“The Vulnerability of Letting My Mouth Hang Open” by Taryn Nasuta
desert asterisms | Jon Mecca

“I am reminded / that / temperature does not translate over telephone wires, / that / the absence of heat is / Cold, / that / despite my desire for warmth / this world owes us / Nothing.”

“3218 W. Pl.” by Olivia Adams

Featured Alum

Italicized: Trisha Murphy

Photo: Crystal Sunset | Chelsea Muscat

Past Contributors

Issue 17

  • Mathilda Cullen
  • Nicholas Dinielli
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Jordan Ford-Solomon
  • Lianna Lazaros
  • Ryan Majors

Issue 16

  • Ana Blanchet
  • Andres Cordoba
  • Emily Czerwinski
  • Kayla Lunden
  • Ryan Majors
  • Imani Parker
  • Winnie Richards

Issue 15

  • Danielle Calleo
  • Micah Havriliak
  • Elana Marcus
  • Trisha Murphy
  • Keegan Sagnelli
  • Noelani Sky Capote

Issue 14

  • Whisper Blanchard
  • Rachel Chevat
  • Una Ludviksen
  • Carly Sorenson
  • Chris Stewart
  • Ernst Tenemille

Issue 13.2

  • Kyra Betheil
  • Sarah Buckser
  • Peter Hayes
  • Ian Puckett
  • James Siegel
  • Shannon Vignola
  • Andrew Yoon

Issue 13.1

  • Kayla Dale
  • Erik Gotez
  • Gillian Lynn Katz
  • Rosa Sugarman
  • Maria Valle

Issue 12.2

  • Alana Costello
  • Loisa Fenichell
  • Kourtney Fullard
  • Jalen Garcia-Hall
  • Kevin Domanski
  • Stephanie Louise Opper
  • Eva-Milan Zsiga

Issue 12.1

  • Francine Hendrickson
  • Zen W. Herter
  • Jake Levine
  • Avery Morgan
  • Bryan Slack
  • Lucas Tromblee
  • Lily Wolf