AJ Bazile-Dutes

testbiopicManaging Editor

Edy Getz

testbiopicManaging Editor

Shana Blatt

shanaPoetry Editor

Birds on the shoulders, scrunchies in the hair, ink on the skin. Shana is an Aries, a ram with horns made from foam. She funnels her feelings into poetry, keeping moments encased in stanzas. She’s the type to feed the seagulls at the beach.



Kate Brown

kateNonfiction Editor

Imagine you are sitting on a wooden park bench in the heat of summer. The air is warm but not stuffy and feels just right when you breathe in. You hear the sound of dogs barking and people’s footsteps on the gravel. It’s a day you remember but don’t know why. I am the human embodiment of that day. Also my name is Kate and I’m a sophomore Literature major.


Catherine Camilleri

catherinePoetry Editor

Catherine Camilleri is a graduating Creative Writing and Literature major who hails from Queens, NY. She studied acting once upon a time before putting her love of reading and writing to good use. Most of her writing circles around femininity and the experiences she has encountered as a woman in this world. She is currently writing her Senior Project on women from Ancient Greek myths and reclaiming feminine voice from male authority. She survives on Coca-Cola and nicotine and greatly desires adopting a black cat and naming it Bagheera.

Erik Goetz

testbiopicFiction Editor

Erik Goetz is a senior creative writing major from Endicott, NY. After high school, Erik spent eight years wandering the country and is surprised to have survived. His time at Purchase is spent writing fiction for publication and comedy sketches for his radio show “After Owls,” which airs every Friday at 10pm on WPSR. He is also an illustrator and songwriter.
“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.” — Mitch Hedburg

Stella Heinz

stellaNonfiction Editor

Stella Heinz is a second-year creative writing major at Purchase College with a passion for women’s rights. She plans to travel the world before settling into a job in editing and publishing while, of course, writing on the side. She hopes to use her words to inspire change, specifically in regards to gender inequalities of today. In her free time, Stella loves snowboarding, reading, and fish tacos. She is a Harry Potter and Pixy Stix enthusiast. As a pescatarian, she is lover of all creatures. Her favorite movies are The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Breakfast Club. She is also Ed Sheeran’s wife, but they have mutually decided to keep that on the DL.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Aren Landau

trash-pandaFiction Editor

Aren Landau is a self-proclaimed forest dweller, writer, illustrator and amateur bee photographer. They spend their time crying about fictional lesbians, writing about fictional lesbians, and climbing trees to look at cool bugs. When asked to contribute a meaningful quote to their biography, Aren said, to quote Hamlet act III, scene III, line 92, “no.”

Aviva LeShaw

testbiopicPoetry Editor

Aviva LeShaw is a Creative Writing student who moonlights as a Professional Organizer and Personal Assistant.  She has interned at multiple NYC literary organizations, including The Oxford University Press, The Center for Fiction, and Poets House.  Her poetry has been published and is forthcoming from The Adirondack Review, Oxford University Press Blog, The McGill Daily and Tribune, Hobart Pulp, and Stone Soup.


Anne Penatello

anneFiction Editor

A sophomore majoring in creative writing, Anne is an active purveyor of wordplay and can be easily swept away by beautiful sentences. She enjoys convoluted conversations and interesting characters. As an aspiring wise old woman, Anne hopes to pursue in reading as many stories from as many corners of the known world as she can, fulfilling her desire to better understand humanity and the mind through literature and art.

Chris Santini

chris.jpgFiction Editor

Christopher Santini is a junior editor for the on-campus publication Italics Mine as well as an aspiring romantic. Chris (as he’s colloquially acknowledged by friends and family) was born on July 17th, 1997 in Yonkers, New York where he has since resided. Though beaches and beautiful sunsets are few and far in-between in Yonkers, that doesn’t stop Chris from hoping for a brighter tomorrow. The SUNY Purchase undergrad is most well noted by his peers for his prowess in the popularized video game Super Smash Brothers where he is more often than not ruining everyone else’s fun time. Expect to see Chris on the forefront of our generation’s Hippie Movement as he already spends a large part of his life barefoot. La Résistance lives on!

JiaMing Tang

andyNonfiction Editor

Jiaming Tang is a junior double-majoring in literature and creative writing at SUNY Purchase. Born in Fuzhou, China, he is an avid reader and writer. He plans to attend graduate school after Purchase, and one day hopes to teach English in Beijing.

Nothing has really happened until it has been recorded. -Virginia Woolf

Elaine Vasquez

elainePoetry Editor

In my life I had always been in an environment full of movement, music and languages since childhood. I love quiet environments, it’s similar as entering a place of my own, a personal space, but where I can imagine and begin stories that will move the world. I also believe I was brainwashed to be able to read fiction books for fun, but I don’t mind it, reading made me see there’s art in what people write. It made me realize that words are powerful and beautiful no matter if others say that is false. One important detail: anime is love, anime is life.

“…Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field. frozen with snow.” – Langston Huges