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About the Magazine

Italics Mine showcases the new, creative literary voices of Purchase College students—majors and non-majors alike—through print and web. The diversity of the student population is reflected in the pieces we strive to share with the entire college community.

About the Program

The Lilly Lieb Port creative writing program is a highly selective and structured BA program that shares features of the college’s arts programs.

The purpose of this program is to offer motivated, talented, and committed students a dynamic context and community in which to explore all aspects of creative writing.

As an integral part of the program, readings are held each semester by students, faculty, alumni who have published their writing, and professional writers. Editors and other members of the publishing world are also invited to speak and share their expertise with students.

Inaugural Writing Contest on the Theme of Home


“Perhaps home is not a place but an irrevocable condition.”
-James Baldwin (American novelist, playwright, and activist)

Is home inherited or won? Is it one place, or many, or no place at all, but in the imagination? What does it mean to be at home, whether in body, spirit, or place? And what happens when home is lost, or remade? Whether crossing literal or figurative borders, we at Italics Mine invite your work with the impulse for home at its heart for our inaugural writing contest. Send us your poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction engaging with this theme, however you define home.


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