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Your First Draft is Not Awful: Writers on Process

By Claire Torregiano Your first draft is not terrible. It is an infant. You do not call an infant terrible because they are a product of a world that is new to them. You nurture and cultivate them so that they become smart, strong, and capable. I interviewed four writers about their experiences with first drafts. I had just finished the first draft of a work-in-progress when I reached out to four of my former writing teachers to ask for advice on how to move forward. It was after I established a connection with them that I read their … Continue reading Your First Draft is Not Awful: Writers on Process

Durst Distinguished Lectures
Purchase College offers the Durst Distinguished Lecture Series, where renowned writers read their work, share their expertise, and offer insight into their creative process.

The Emulation Game

By Lianna Lazaros In a creative writing workshop, we are encouraged to imitate other writers. Take this traditional poetic form and try it yourself. Read this author and draw inspiration from their use of syntax. The first time I found myself imitating another poet’s style was last year in Poetry Writing I. I spent months trying to balance writing about a past love while acknowledging its toxic aspects. I didn’t know where to start until I read Crush by Richard Siken. His work helped … Continue reading The Emulation Game

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