By Aaron Noriega

My name is Aaron Noriega, I’m a creative writing major an artist, a performer, and a musician. One of the reasons why I chose to go to SUNY Purchase was because of the many ways for students to express themselves. There are classes like Experimental Workshop, senior art projects, and student-run clubs, however, I found that our campus doesn’t necessarily reflect the creativity one would expect from an art school. Though the students at Purchase are constantly making brilliant art, the campus’s walls and grounds are often bare. I found myself wondering how many students felt the same, whether they, too, looked at our campus and wondered “What can I do to share my work and find others who want to do the same?”

I found myself incredibly lucky to be rooming with a bunch of film majors this semester. Though I’m not estranged from having artistic friends, I was used to creative writers and visual artists. I had never explored the art of filmmaking, except for perhaps a screenwriting course during my freshman year. The new environment was refreshing and a real beacon of growth for myself creatively. My roommates and I weren’t just bouncing ideas off each other, we were beginning to create whole storyboards and plans for our creative future. I want this to be something bigger than just three art students in a dorm at three in the morning, though.  

What I love about The Writer’s Club is the deep sense of community. I found that within it, even if it’s to work in solitude there is a space created to put your soul into something. The stories I was writing, the music, and the art I was making connections in ways I would have never thought possible.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just bring all the brilliant brains on campus into one room to just create something? What could we do if we created a space to create together, to step out of our comfort zones? The idea of a club comes to mind, all creative minds are welcome. Students could gather once or twice a month whether it’s to help one another with creative work or to give an outside perspective. Or they could come together with a theme, and try to collaborate and create a piece together, I would love to see works from all artists and the mixing of all mediums The club could be called Mediums Move. Each month could be dedicated to a specific theme, the art-if possible- combined into one big project by the end of the year. There could be ways to find places to share the art. Creating social media pages, and getting as many students involved as possible. There is nothing more beautiful than creative minds working together to make art.

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